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The Clover Cliff Ranch is - in a sense, its own echo from the past. But on a recent weekend we had
an opportunity to host a Poe family reunion.


In our dreams, that is! But we do want to stop and let you know about some of the highlights.

We hosted our 5th wedding. It was truly an honor to work with a happy bride and groom to...


Guests at Flowers in the Flint Hills enjoyed a beautiful Saturday in Chase County Kansas when Clover Cliff Ranch Bed and Breakfast partnered with Josh and Gwen Hoy of the Flying W Ranch to...


What's the connection between these three events, you wonder? The answer is: Clover Cliff Ranch Bed and Breakfast. We've just finished the Flint Hills Rodeo weekend, followed by a...


You may wonder what happened to our regular Journal updates over the past few months - a long hibernation, trips to tropical islands, hiking in the Himalayas? All are possible, but not true. We...


Chase County Chamber of Commerce began the Christmas season by lighting the historic bridge in Cottonwood Falls, a perfect opportunity for us to invite guests to tea earlier in the day at the...


It's time to tell you about ...

• The Christmas Tea - look for details by clicking on the Gift Certificate link near the top of this website.
• Two employee appreciation...


The Clover Cliff Ranch is humming these days - not so much with contractors and furniture movers, but with ideas, events and dreams for what comes next. These thoughts are some of what keep us...



Where did the summer go? While we were finishing the bunkhouse and entertaining guests at the Clover Cliff we were running to catch up with interesting events in this busy and...


In the beginning were plans:

-  For invitations
-  For food
-  For stories to share
-  For little and bigger details to say, "We're proud to...

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